SMC Supply and Demand Crash Course

While there are many courses that teach the terminology, no course will truly teach you how to put everything together and apply the concepts with a logic based systematic approach. The Arielfx Smart Money Supply and Demand Crash course solves that problem. The crash course has been developed for those with experience and existing knowledge of the concepts, yet struggle to develop a system of application needed to achieve consistency. Arielfx has invested countless hours into its development with these traders in mind. It is our honor to be the first to bridge this gap in trading education, and we hope that you enjoy!

SMC Supply and Demand Crash Course

The Arielfx SMC/S&D Crash Course takes students through an in-depth, advanced process of concept application. Topics include, but are not limited to:

An overview of S&D principles
Market Structure and it’s Importance
Change of Character (CHoCH)
Valid vs. Invalid S&D levels
S&D Flips
Time & Price
Volume/Price Divergence
The Power of Hedging
Planning the Trade
Trade Management
Tying it All Together

Each video builds on the previous to build the student’s foundation and best equip and empower the student to develop a professional and systematic approach to trading. For inquiries or to learn more, feel free to click the “Learn More” button below to book a call with an Arielfx team member. Onwards and Upwards!

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