Psychology Course

"Strong Psychology is without a doubt the most critical skill needed to establish consistency in trading. Yet unfortunately the topic is very scarcely addressed within trading education. The Arielfx Psychology course seeks to dive deep into psychology as it relates to every component of trading. Nate and Aidan share their 13 years of combined experience and practical solutions to many of the psychological problems encountered throughout their journey. Our goal is to expedite the learning curve for you and equip you with the knowledge necessary to master your own psychology and achieve the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Trading Psychology

99% of traders fail and this is probably why you will too...Most people spend countless hours learning one strategy after the other and wonder why they keep failing, well its pretty simple. Your strategy is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to trading and that's what everyone (The 99%) focuses on but like the titanic, its what you can't see that will sink you and that is trading psychology! We spent years jumping from one strategy to the next with little to no success but as the years passed we learnt that our mindset was the only thing keeping us from realizing our trading dreams. We want to share what we learnt with you!

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