Expert Advisors

"One of the most difficult components of manual trading is the need to consistently manage your emotions. Psychology can be an extremely complicated skill to master as it accounts for roughly 80-90% of your trading results. In order to combat this daunting statistic, we have developed a series of algorithms specifically designed to do all of the hard work for you. If you're tired of losing trade after trade and struggling to maintain consistency, our algorithms are for you! Coded by professionals, Arielfx has invested tens of thousands of dollars into developing our algorithms based upon our exact strategy in the market. Put your hard earned money to work. Begin your automated passive income journey today!" Check out more about our Expert Advisors👇

Wyckoff Wizard EA

Based on core Smart Money Concepts and the Wyckoff Methodology and coded to run on MT5 the Wyckoff Wizard EA is a diverse algorithm coded to perform consistently in any market condition. Our proprietary risk management system sets the Wyckoff Wizard EA apart from the competition and allows us to consistently churn a profit without any manual intervention

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Omega EA

Based on a simple yet highly effective London Manipulation strategy Omega EA has consistently been churning profits. Coded to run on MT5 the Omega EA runs in harmony alongside the Wyckoff Wizard EA allowing you to diversify risk across your trading portfolio which allows you to safely increase return while keeping your risk low

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Theoretical Trade

By far our most sophisticated strategy to date the Theoretical Trade Function EA is coded to run on MT5
In Layman's terms the EA delays its entry and waits for the market to over extend it's self before executing a live position. This allows us to enter at historically tested high probability reversal zones hence this EA churns out consistence profits with low DD

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Wyckoff Wizard Indicator

Coded to run on MT5 the Wyckoff Wizard indicator sends trade alerts to your MT5 terminal and your smart phone. The indicators prints Higher and lower timeframe Market structure on your chart. The indicator displays volume divergences as well as breaks of market structure on your chart, When all entry criteria is met the indicator will print a Buy/ Sell signal on your chart. This allows you to learn and benefit from the Wyckoff Wizard Indicator.

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Serenity EA

Serenity EA is designed to tackle the markets head on by making use of our sophisticated entry strategy which utilizes multi-timeframe analysis, order flow and market structure in order to pin point its entry into the markets. Its phenomenal entry technique coupled with our proprietary risk management technique allows for seamless trading within the FX markets!

Divergence Scalper EA

The name says it all. This EA uses volume and price divergence in order to get into the markets at either overbought or oversold levels. When volume and price diverge it is a sign that institutions have manipulated the markets and once that occurs it is our sign to enter the market and trade off of the reaction that occurs. This strategy allows for TPs to be hit quickly due to its high initial win rate and from there our proprietary risk management system does the rest.

Algorithmic Portfolio

"As inflation continues to climb and diminish purchasing power, additional sources of income become more necessary than ever before in order to account for everyday living expenses. In this day and age, traditional investments such as 401ks and IRAs offer little to no solution, and private hedge funds make it nearly impossible for the everyday person to invest. To provide an alternative investment solution comparable to private investment funds, our portfolio of algorithms distributes risk across the board whilst churning a modest monthly return. This model is designed to outperform all benchmarks and provide long term compounded growth and/or cashflow. Grow your wealth the right way with a portfolio of professionally designed algorithms!"

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