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B2B & B2C FinTech Solutions

The Arielfx Product Suite

Prop Firm Passing Services

We provide Prop Firm passive services for selected Prop Firms. All challenge passes come with a 100% guarantee that we will pass your challenge so this is completely risk free.

With over $40 million in funding granted and 100% pass rate, we have got you covered.

The Prop Firms that we are currently passing challenges for is Nova Funding and NextStepFunded.

The Prop Bot

The Prop Bot now takes the requirement of skill, time and capital out of trading which makes the opportunity of trading available to the ordinary individual.

This is one of our newer offerings with over 200 clients and tens of thousands in withdrawals, the Prop Bot is our first product that our clients do not need multi-5 to 6 figures in capital to run the product with the proper risk management because it operates on funded capital.

Our Sate-Of-The-Art Trading Algorithm

A first-of-its-kind completely hands-off multi-strategy portfolio of algorithms that optimizes for diversification to produce market leading returns with unparalleled risk management.

With over 400 private clients, 8 figures in client funds & 7 figures in realized profit.

B2B White Label Solutions

We offer full-stack B2B software, operational & marketing solutions in the Algorithmic Trading and Prop Firm industry.

Whether you are looking to develop your own exclusive software and/or to lease an already existing algorithmic solution, we've got you covered.

If needed, our c-suite team can step in to oversee the marketing & operational side of the business as well.

Why Arielfx?

  • 500+ private clients

  • $15,000,000+ in client funds

  • 2 years+ of uninterrupted live data - averaging 60% per year

Quantum leap your investment strategy with the help of Algorithmic Trading

What our client's are saying...

How our clients are leveraging Prop Firm capital to make $500-$5,000 per month:

"I've taken 4 payouts on my $100k & $200k accounts using the Wyckoff Wizard"


"I had no experience in Forex. Now I'm making $3k-$4k per month!


Meet the team:

Nathan Jester - CEO

Aidan Hunt - President

Charlton Jones - CTO

Cam From Trading Nut used the Prop Bot on a $200k account...

This is what happened:

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