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We empower our students to become self-sufficient, profitable FX traders to help them reach their financial goals. Book a FREE call with one of our student success managers to learn more 👇

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We provide 100+ hours of top-quality education to help you achieve your trading goals using the same knowledge we employ on the daily as active, profitable day traders

Continuous Education

Our discord server has become a vibrant community for our students whereby we engage in continuous educational practices through our ongoing live sessions, daily market breakdowns reinforcing the methodologies taught in our courses while sharing informative analysis on certain currency pairs to keep you on track.

Algorithmic Trading

We developed our AI in-house to keep up with the trends in an evolving environment. We provide our students with state-of-the-art indicators and expert advisors which, put simply, implement the strategies we teach on your behalf.

Trade Ideas

We provide daily market analyses with videos breakdowns explaining the reasons behind the trade should a given setup meet the Arielfx criteria. This provides immense value to our students helping you learn and earn from the trades that we take on the daily.

What our clients think about us


“I joined the Arielfx community two years ago and man was that a good decision. Its not easy to learn how they trade. You have to put the hours in but if you are willing to do the work you will achieve whatever you set out to do in the financial markets. Thank you guys and I look forward to working with the Arielfx Team in the future"

Chris J

“ I joined Arielfx just over a year ago and its been an awesome journey. I had to unlearn a lot but Charlie ensured me that all the retail knowledge I spent hours learning and perfecting will come in handy. I now know where the "Dumb Money" is trading and I trade against them. Nathan and Aidan host a live stream in NY session where they break down the market and answer our questions. I learn best by doing and seeing so having the boys trade and answer question in real time helps a lot. Thank you guys"

Grant F

“Arielfx really took my trading to new heights. Before Ariel, I was “lost” in the overflow of information online which really ended out to be continuative because I did not have the skills to break these strategies down and use them effectively. Smart money concepts, as taught by the Ariel team via their courses, really provided a solution to this issue and helped me become a profitable trader. Ariel further exposed me to the benefits of being a funded trader and I have since passed an abundance of prop firm challenges and have got a decent amount of withdrawals under the belt. I am 7 months into this journey and the team never fails to provide continuous value whether it be from the team themselves and/or from the community at large.”

About us

The Tools We Wished We Had

Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the financial markets or a beginner, chances are you are looking for an edge or an additional confluence to add to your already profitable system, we cater for everyone. The Arielfx team has spent countless hours and dollars perfecting the tools we use to succeed in the financial markets.

We provide you with our "toolbox" and it consists of everything we wished we had all those years ago!

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The Arielfx teams hosts FREE zoom calls for the public to tell you more about our company and offering while determining whether you are the right fit for our services. We also provide you with a complimentary trading plan for hopping on the call.

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